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Dreaming a new world into being!

Many people have replaced the sacred dream with a dream of fame and fortune, power and Facebook likes. Meanwhile we are facing global crisis from climate change to species extinction to war, famine, and disease......all of which are calling us to dream a new dream for ourselves and our world. The sacred dream is calling us. This book will show you how to wake up from the slumber you are living in and dream with your eyes open so that all possibilities of the future are available to you.

You find your sacred dream by transforming three common dreams many are convinced are true and cannot seem to wake up from. They are the dream of security, the dream of permanence, and the dream of love that is unconditional. When you transform these dreams, when you accept that life is ever changing, that your mortality is a given, and that no one can liberate you from a life of fear and insecurity but you, the chaos in your life turns to order, and beauty prevails.

When you find your sacred dream, the creative power of the universe, known by the shamans as the Primordial Light, becomes available to you to create beauty in the world, and to heal yourself and others. You become a luminous warrior. You live fearlessly, know the answer to “Who am I?’ and know the ways beyond death into infinity.

An extract from the Introduction by Alberto Villoldo to his new book:-The Heart of the Shaman.

This book won me at hello! Highly recommend.



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