Individual session; clearing the past and tapping into your wisdom of your evolved self.


Marlene has over 20 years experience as a practitioner and teacher of Reflexology.
She also does chakra balancing, feeling and reading blockages, enabling you to release, forgive and heal.

When the body is placed under stress the auric bodies and chakras become blocked or depleted of energy. If not cleared, they can manifest in physical or emotional illness. This is a non-invasive technique using intuitive healing skills and therapeutic modalities. The process brings about relaxation and deep healing for old wounds of shame, abandonment and betrayal. It allows forgiveness so you can release and heal on a mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Exploration of purpose in twilight years: involves looking at childhood yearnings not yet realised and evolving them to create passion and purpose. We take a journey to awaken to why you are here, what your soul purpose is and now have the maturity and wisdom to give.

A typical treatment session consists of the following procedure:
Discussion with the client to take details and gaining an understanding of why they have come and what they want to work on.

The client sits either in a chair or lies on a massage table for the treatment.
Usually for Reflexology the client is in a chair and Marlene will work on your feet or if you prefer hands and or ears.

For chakra balancing it is preferable to be lying comfortably on a massage table and Marlene will talk you through a relaxation and keep you informed of what she is doing and noticing.

It is not uncommon for a client to notice shifts such as a tingling feeling, warmth, deep relaxation, visions, words or symbols given to them to give them clarity and awakening to more of who they are and who they have come here to be.

. Emotional stress and trauma relief
. Alleviation of pain and physical ailments
. Relief of everyday stress and anxiety
. Relaxation
. Increased vitality and energy
. Improved sleep, performance and concentration.
. Clearing of old patterns and limiting beliefs
. Increased motivation and goal achievement
. Dealing with life changes such as loss and grief
. Personal growth
. Spiritual development
. Greater fulfilment and life purpose

Costs: We can customize a session to suit your needs.
Reflexology $80 per session
Chakra balancing $100 per session

To book please call or email Marlene directly on: 0403 312 237 / rutherford_marlene@yahoo.com



0403 312 237